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when girls start to develop into fine-ass females. basically, when they start getting tig old bitties, wider hips, thick ass; all that great stuff.
Middle school kid: Dude! Sabrina is getting more and more boneable every day!

Guy who knows shit: She's starting to fill out, bro. just wait a few weeks and she'll be ready to go.
by phenomenalphalanx October 17, 2011
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using a foreign object (such as a pair of socks, cucumber, pickle, etc.) inside your pants as a means to make females think you have a big schlong. refers to baseball; when using a bat that has been "corked" the ball is hit harder and farther, but you can't tell the bat is "corked" unless it breaks (i.e a girl pulls down your pants.). when that happens you look pathetic
College Guy 1: I'm going to an awesome party tonight, there's gonna be hot chicks everywhere!

College Guy 2: I heard you had a "problem." You should try corking the bat to make the chicks think youre huge. Just don't get with them tonight, just get them numbers!
by phenomenalphalanx February 19, 2011
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The spot in the urinal where you can pee without fear that any of your pee will splash back onto your hands or pants.
on top of the most relaxing and enjoyable piss of my life, i had it in The Sweet Spot the entire time, so I got zero splashback!
by phenomenalphalanx February 19, 2011
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