The part of the inner thigh where fat builds up. The filet is extremely tender (given it does not get much sun) and is an ideal target for 5 starring.
Yeah he's a porker, must have some impressive filets.
by TyCoLicious January 21, 2011
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Filet is a shortened way to say "for later."
I can't finish all this food right now, so I think I'll just save it filet.
by KSUMD November 4, 2010
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Filete - Fee-Lea-Te - spanish for steak... but of course within a select part of the Cuban American population, its meaning has been bastardized for slang purposes
a) wasted
b) damn
c) gettn screwed over
d) calling out latin minimum wage workers
e) Fa-get-about-it
Researched Compiled by the Cubanazo Crew of Vanderbilt University:

wasted - Man we got sooo fileted last night!

damn! - i think she's pregnant! FILETE!

gettn screwed over - realizing your chicken soft taco that u paid for never made it into ur bag - FILETE!

calling out latin minimum wage workers - Oye filete!

Fa-get-about-it - someone trying to give u some money when u bought a round of drinks - two brushes off the shoulder and the disappointment lipsmack... followed by a filete!
by Mario Enriquez August 23, 2005
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When you try to use your filters , but there’s a block from your brain to your mouth or fingers(text)
I was really excited about the conversation, and I got excited and forgot to engage my fileters from my noggin!
by Redneckmopargirl September 11, 2019
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To be so drunk that you think you're on Iron Chef.
I was so fileted last night that after we got home from the bar, I put my fish sticks in my ears and sang "Rock the Casbah!"
by RobinsHood August 3, 2013
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to act in a homosexual manner
to be homosexual
clearly acting in a flambouantly gay manner
Dude, you're such a Filet
Omg, that guys just took a picture of you, and he was such a Filet
So i went to the gay bar and it was full of Filets
by Dick Bomgardner May 13, 2008
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