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Filete - Fee-Lea-Te - spanish for steak... but of course within a select part of the Cuban American population, its meaning has been bastardized for slang purposes
a) wasted
b) damn
c) gettn screwed over
d) calling out latin minimum wage workers
e) Fa-get-about-it
Researched Compiled by the Cubanazo Crew of Vanderbilt University:

wasted - Man we got sooo fileted last night!

damn! - i think she's pregnant! FILETE!

gettn screwed over - realizing your chicken soft taco that u paid for never made it into ur bag - FILETE!

calling out latin minimum wage workers - Oye filete!

Fa-get-about-it - someone trying to give u some money when u bought a round of drinks - two brushes off the shoulder and the disappointment lipsmack... followed by a filete!
by Mario Enriquez August 22, 2005
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