"Female Identified Gay" A woman who identifies as a gay man and is not trans. A woman who is a gay man on the inside.
"Oh my God, look at that girl over there. She's such a FIG!"
by Charlie Chapless April 24, 2007
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FIGS, or "Freshman Idiot Guy Syndrome," refers to the tendency of freshman guys to approach girls under the guise that they are interested in them, but later admit that they would rather have random, meaningless hook-ups than relationships with substance. Idiots. (note: FIGS can be used both to describe the syndrome and the guys suffering from the syndrome).
I'm so sick of all these FIGS that are so desperate to hook-up that they'll fuck anything that moves.
by sick-of-figs December 14, 2007
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A fig is someone who has done something so awful, that they get known for it.
Chris: You know Jessica, right? The girl I've been dating for a while? She broke up with me yesterday.

Terry: I can't believe she would do that to you, dude, that girl is such a fig.
by FrottyPebbles July 11, 2017
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Pizza , cookies , pop , brownies , spaghetti , & Chinese food . I'm such a fig .
by marshmellowbabu January 09, 2012
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Look at the Figs over there, I don't understand what they are doing. As a Sparky I have a 50% chance of wiring this motor right.
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by JoshRizzler August 31, 2017
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