One of Rammstein's most popular and well-known songs, first released in 2001 on their album Mutter and having gained mainstream recognition due to an appearance on the movie xXx. The song's title basically means "Fire freely!" in German (used in the sense of "fire at will" by German soldiers during combat). Live performances of this song highlight the band's unmitigated passion for flames and burning eruptions, which further cements the mainstream's misinterpretation of this song as being directly associated with fire. But the far worse twist of n00bism is any idiot that refers to the song as "BANG BANG!" (which just happens to be the following line in the song's chorus, after "Feuer Frei!"). There aren't many ways for Rammstein to be degraded even further by the sheer, undeniable ignorance of the mainstream masses, but calling them "Rob Zombie clones" is certainly one of them. Any real fan of Rammstein's music would recognize that the depth, musical talent and plain kick-ass rhythms of these w00t Germans would (and should) be insulted by comparing them to Rob Zombie, so please disregard the last definition written for this entry.
"Geadelt ist wer Schmerzen kennt,
vom Feuer das in Lust verbrennt,
Ein Funkenstoß,
in ihren Schoß,
Ein heißer Schrei,
by Alhadis April 25, 2006
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German that is roughly translated as "Open Fire" or "Fire at Will", This is also the title of a Rammstein song that is often the focus of Gamma rage that anyone would dare compare them to Rob Zombie, even though they are largely enjoyed by the same audience and have similar tonality and Rythms
Feuer Frei was the command often given to the Luftwaffen that allowed them to engage in their devastating running battle tank Tactics.
by Dire Badger October 9, 2018
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Rammstein= german version of Rob Zombie

Feuer Frei= Fire Free
betwen Rammstein and Rob Zombie I would say Rob zombie is better.
by James Lowe July 17, 2004
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'Fire free'
-Literal Translation
'Fire at will'
-Actual meaning to the words
Used in Rammstein song,which is a KICKASS german band

also, any spelling using 'feur frei' is incorrect, the way i have used it technically correct
JA doch Herresfuehrer!
YES sir Commander!
or(in the case of the song)
ein heisser schrei
feuer frei
bang bang
bang bang
by TofuFighting December 24, 2007
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Well, well, another one dumbass led astray! Rammstein's music has NOTHING to do with Rob Zombie, as well as Rob Zombie is NOTHING compared to them. And guess what! Breaking news - Feuer Frei doesn't mean "fire free"!!!! Not only you don't know German, but also English!!!
"Feuer frei!" is the German expression used to order weapons to be shot, as in "Fire at will !". Literally it is "Fire freely".
So, mista, keep your mouth shut as long as you have teeth to hide your tongue behind!!! I may be a girl, I may be a nice and kind, but there is one thing that drives me insane and thats when dicks like yourself talk shitz about the greatest band from the greatest country!!!!
example, example...
-Oh general, look - thats <insert random mtv-vacuumheaded-poprock-slob(tm)>
-OMG, WTF!! Feuer frei! BangBang! Burn, baby, BURN! Asta la vista! So long, farewell, mortal! Muahahahha!
by Carmella April 8, 2005
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One of Rammstein's kick-ass songs, along with Du Hast and Sonne. Sadly used as a publicity stunt for a Vin Diesel movie.
Don't buy or rent xXx just to see Rammstein in it, buy Rammstein's "Lichtenhaus" DVD. It has all their music videos and some live performances.
by Tony March 13, 2004
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