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Well, well, another one dumbass led astray! Rammstein's music has NOTHING to do with Rob Zombie, as well as Rob Zombie is NOTHING compared to them. And guess what! Breaking news - Feuer Frei doesn't mean "fire free"!!!! Not only you don't know German, but also English!!!
"Feuer frei!" is the German expression used to order weapons to be shot, as in "Fire at will !". Literally it is "Fire freely".
So, mista, keep your mouth shut as long as you have teeth to hide your tongue behind!!! I may be a girl, I may be a nice and kind, but there is one thing that drives me insane and thats when dicks like yourself talk shitz about the greatest band from the greatest country!!!!
example, example...
-Oh general, look - thats <insert random mtv-vacuumheaded-poprock-slob(tm)>
-OMG, WTF!! Feuer frei! BangBang! Burn, baby, BURN! Asta la vista! So long, farewell, mortal! Muahahahha!
by Carmella April 08, 2005

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