sexy car that gets them panties right off.
OMG you drive a festiva!?

*panties come off, intercourse commences*
by T. Polkinghorne July 11, 2008
an extremely small, economical, surprisingly well-built, if not especially cool, little car designed in Japan by Mazda, built in South Korea by Kia, and sold in the US, Known for freakishly great gas milage and freakishly small dimensions; basically a very lame motorcycle with doors
I don't need any gas money, I'm in the Festiva!
by Alex Rogers June 27, 2004
Small 2 door hatchback offered by Ford in the United States from 1987-1993. Made under licence from Mazda by Kia Motors. Was sold from 1897-1990 as the Mazda 121 in Europe and the Kia Pride from 1991-2000 in Korea, Europe, and the Americas. Has a 1.3 Litre (80.8 cubic in.) engine putting out 63 hp. Well maintained Festivas can get anywhere from 40-50 mpg.
The Ford Festiva is the coolest car ever made.
by Spoonguard IX May 24, 2005
A kick-ass compact car that lasts forever, is cheap to maintain, and gets 40 mpg.
All my friends made fun of my Ford Festiva, until gas hit $3 a gallon . . . then I was the one laughing.
by MCF July 17, 2008
The Ford Festiva was a subcompact car sold by the Ford Motor Company in North America, Asia and Australasia, introduced in 1986 in Japan. The car was manufactured by Kia in South Korea, which at the time was part-owned by Ford. Ultimately the vehicle was a piece of shit and was redesigned and renamed the Aspire for the North American market. Production of the Festiva ran from 1986-1994, and production of the Aspire ran from 1994-2001, although production range varies from market to market.
The only thing worse than driving a Ford Aspire is driving a Ford Festiva.
by iheartJeeps April 19, 2007
This is when you line up a bunch of Hispanic women in the back seat of your Ford Festiva. If you need room it is ok to fold down the seats. Then, you go right down the line and eat each one out then make them all take you to a Chipotle drive-thru together in the car. They pay.
“Yo Santoro! I just bought this POS car for 12 bucks! Once I fill it up with gas I’m gonna do a mall drive by and pick up 9 lucky ladies and jamb them in the back to break this shitbox in with The Ford Festiva Fiesta! ”

“Well that’s one way to go. Leave your windows down next time you take that thing to a car wash.”
by Who stole my shoes? April 10, 2020