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The cigarette-smoking, muscle-bound, mullet-headed bodygaurd of the Venture Family, known for extreme acts of violence
Brock Samson just killed 88 people with his pinky finger!
by Alex Rogers March 23, 2005

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an extremely small, economical, surprisingly well-built, if not especially cool, little car designed in Japan by Mazda, built in South Korea by Kia, and sold in the US, Known for freakishly great gas milage and freakishly small dimensions; basically a very lame motorcycle with doors
I don't need any gas money, I'm in the Festiva!
by Alex Rogers June 27, 2004

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1. Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. a world-renowned Super-Scientist, a truly great man
2. Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture, Son of Jonas Venture Sr. and heir to the Venture empire, constantly lives in his father's shadow and is a second rate scientist
3. Jonas Venture Jr. Rusty's twin brother who was absorbed by Rusty in the womb, who later escaped to begin his own career in Super-Science, noticeably deformed
1. That Dr. Venture is a genious!
2. Dr. Venture is such a loser.
3. Shaking hands with Dr. Venture is like shaking hands with a chicken dinner.
by Alex Rogers March 23, 2005

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A soft drink only sold in Kentucky, quite possibly the best soda ever made.
I'm going to Kentucky to drink about 5 skillion Ale 8-1's and achieve nirvanna.
by Alex Rogers March 04, 2005

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any relatively large number, originates in the US Acres shorts from the Saturday morning cartoon, Garfield and Friends
Check out Bill Gates, he's got like a skillion dollars
by Alex Rogers March 04, 2005

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One of many fast food taco chains with diarrhea-inducing, but tasty food
Dude, I'm hungry. Let's hit the Taco Tico. OK, but let's get back home quick, because I'll have to poo in an hour or so.
by Alex Rogers March 05, 2005

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An Engrish term for what you have to collect in level 3.2 of the Stinkoman game on homestarrunner.com.
Collect tenbread but not other things.
by Alex Rogers March 22, 2005

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