The act of awkwardly standing still while getting danced on or awkwardly standing against the wall while at a party and keeping to ones self.
Wheres Mason at?
He’s fenceposting over there by the punch bowl.
by APickledWeiner September 3, 2021
A game of self-control which involves the slow consumption of wine and frozen grapes. The object of the game is to remain as sober as possible for as long as possible while creating new and unique ways of placing the grape inside your mouth.
"We implemented a game of fenceposting and Bill choked on his last grape."

"To fencepost is to preserve the art of quiet victory."
by Trollzella August 22, 2011
1.Referring to oral copulation, when a man or woman sucks a penis that is at the Least 8 inches or more in length and 6 inches or more in circumference to the point of swallowing the cum from the penis orgasm, they have been Fencepost Fed.

2. When you haven't had any sleep for 3 days or more, and/or are under the influence of a controlled substance, and your eyes are playing with your brain convincing you that the fencepost across the street is actually a federal agent doing an undercover stakeout of your house disguised as a Fencepost Fed.

3. A remark made by a bf who thinks he's got a big dick, about his gf who is into giving blow jobs.
Ted: Are you guys hungry?

Bev: Nah, I'm pretty full.
William (Bev's bf): Yeah, she's already been Fencepost Fed this morning.

Allan: Is it me or is that a Fencepost Fed there by that cactus cop?
Angala: No, that's the palm tree popo next to the cactus cop and I think that maybe deputy doorjamb behind them.
by DeepThrowWitDancer March 6, 2022
A cowboy's amorous extremity.
After he delivered the herd, Lester went to Cactus Nell's Cowboy Day Spa to have the dust blown off of his flesh fencepost.
by panchodoll May 6, 2006
When you wake up with explosive shits from Mexican food (TacoBell). Then you go and sit on your partners morning WOOD and start shitting all over it while playing Maracas!
Abbey-“The other morning I woke with the shits and I couldn’t resist so i grabbed my Maracas and went and shit all over Aira’s Dick and gave him a Mexican fencepost.
by DickSmokingFever July 11, 2019