Nell is a great friend that even tho she might be shy, she is so flipping funny. She is super smart and modest and probably the best friend ever.
I am so lucky to have Nell as my friend
by Fridat January 30, 2018
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A sweet, imaginative, passionate, and eccentric girl. She is inspirational to many, sometimes called a muse, and people seek after her. Though sometimes a bit of an underdog, those who truly love her would give the world to see her happy.

Also sometimes short for Nelly, which is the greek word for Stone. Sometimes, by word association, girls named Nelle like to get stoned.

But, not the kind where you get hit with rocks.

The feel good kind.
This girl just showed me an awesome DVD! It was so inspirational.

Must be a Nelle.
by Chulich August 11, 2010
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Nell is the best person ever. When Nell's around your day is never bad. If Nell is your friend you are the luckiest person alive. Even though she is a little bit shy, Nell will always help you when you're in need. She is the smartest, kindest and most caring person you'll ever meet. Everyone love Nell
Aww, love you Nell.
by SheepPigCow June 22, 2017
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Nell is a mommy's girl. She is PHENOMENAL
Nell is a mommys girl
by mrthiiicccc December 2, 2020
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The smartest, most caring, most beautiful girl in the world that I just so happen to love. I'm sure without a shadow of a shadow of doubt that having her makes me the luckiest guy in the world, just look at her the wrong way and I'll fuck you up.
Nell is amazing

Nell is perfect

Nell is insane! In the best way =)
by theluckiestguyintheworld June 20, 2011
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Nell is an amazing freind that is always down to talk. Nell is rarley caught up with boys and isn’t really looking. She likes to stick with her friends and doesn’t tend to get Along in new groups. She’s sarcastic but amazing when having a bad day she’s the one to turn to. She rarely talks about her self and puts her friends and family before and hates it when friends doubt themselves.
Booby:Look at that girl over there
Ethan: dude nell ain’t interested 😂😂
by Making baby’s rn July 21, 2019
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