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Honestly just a sexy guy.

Great at everything he does and a great person to go to. Femi is the type of person to make you love life when you're with him. he's got a wonderful personality and just great in every aspect. he's a woman attracter but is very loyal and trustworthy.

Femi makes the hairs on your body stand up and put you in a dreamy trance. Everyone needs a Femi if I'm honest. He will treat you right with multiple cases of banter and and just sensational. Femi is just that guy you want and need really with that sexy voice as well.
"who's that?"

"That my friend... Is Femi."
by MrHandsome256 September 02, 2016
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An amazing guy. All you could ever want. Handsome, strong, charming, sexy voice and just all full of greatness. He's that type of guy you'd want near you every day and full of banter.
"Wow! That guy is totally a Femi"
by MrHandsome256 June 02, 2016
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A woman that is so beautiful, you would (or already have) cheated on your wife or soulmate with her
Man, there are a bunch of femi's at the club tonight...betta be careful!
by Johnny Jacuzzi April 13, 2004
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A Femis is the female equivalent of a Penis. It exists when a male becomes a female and doesn't remove their Penis so it becomes a Feminine Penis shortened to Femis.

Its the only dick a straight man can suck without being gay.
"I met this transgender woman she was sexy as fuck and her Femis was bigger than my Penis. Man I loved that Femis it has good mouth feel."
by Anti-Blue Aktion February 15, 2019
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