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An amazing guy. All you could ever want. Handsome, strong, charming, sexy voice and just all full of greatness. He's that type of guy you'd want near you every day and full of banter.
"Wow! That guy is totally a Femi"
by MrHandsome256 April 21, 2016
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They are tall and handsome, they are quite persuasive and charming but they are notorious playboy.
You can't deceive a Femi.

Most of the guys that go clubbing are femis.
by princesscleo January 12, 2020
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Femi is the most beautiful girl you could ever meet. She’s commonly of the darker skin tone and also foreign, being that “Femi” is a name of the west African origin. She has dark brown eyes you can just melt in, and is usually tall with an athletic physique. Femi is sweet, but could still kick you in the dick if you hurt either her, her friends, or her family. She’s also easy going, sexy, and down to Earth. She’s a great cook, and a talented musician. Femi is a girl you’ve got to hold on to!
“Damn! He’s dating Femi?! He’s one of the lucky ones.”
by david_staurco March 23, 2019
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Femi :A young boy who has no sense and a lowkey womanizer
That boy is just a femi
by Zaynab_Rica2468 February 6, 2020
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A person who is so loving and caring by nature.Tends to be very sensitive yet so cute.Treasures her friends the most.Shows her love through her tears.
person 1:Why is she crying over such a small thing?
person 2:Because she is a femy....
by ReshRox September 30, 2018
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Acting like a little girl, or doing something fruity. also know as a sissy.
"look he's scared to catch the ball because he hurt his finger, that bitch ass feminess". go play house or somthing"
by louie February 1, 2005
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A woman that is so beautiful, you would (or already have) cheated on your wife or soulmate with her
Man, there are a bunch of femi's at the club tonight...betta be careful!
by Johnny Jacuzzi April 13, 2004
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