The past tense of fold.
Instead of folded.
Just like hold you would say held... not holded
I Feld the clothes yesterday.
by Tayss August 23, 2018
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Chris feld his hand as his cards were awful.

"Chris do you check?"
"No man, I feld!"
by Brendon N. May 5, 2006
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Term used when someone is lying or being dishonest. Also used to describe someone who is a cronic liar. This word has it roots in Birmingham, Michigan but has since migrated to the Northeastern Ohio region.
Mani: "Ya dude I'm going to be moving to PA this year to go to school there"

after Mani walks away..

Pat:"What a fucking Felds he is, all that kid does is lie"

Drew: "Ya he's the biggest Felds that I know, no one can stand his Cronic Feldsing"
by Gell_Hound May 19, 2009
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Term used in poker when a player has folded their hand.
Speaker 1:Where the fuck did Ted go?

Speaker 2:He feld and went home.
by Orange Donkey May 13, 2006
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An area of moorland where nelly and his accomplice have concealed the bodies of their sexually mutilated child victims since the late 70s, believed to be in the east midlands area.
From my sex dungeon to The Felds, author Nelly Leatherdenim, out now on paperback at waterstones RRP £9.99
by Flaccid November 15, 2007
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