Bomb ass bud that'll take you from sober to stunned in 2 hits. DOES NOT CONTAIN COKE. Often contains orange/red hairs and white fuzz NOT COKE...
If anyone tells you this shit has coke in it they are wrong. I have some in front of me.
We gotta roll to 67th and Camelback to pick up the half o of that cronic bitch
by Drew Ewing November 13, 2004
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some good shit aaaaaaaaH !!!!!!!!!!!!
ah da cronic

dat was da best cronic
by iluvlesbians January 10, 2005
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Weed (canabis) with cocain added into a joint.
Any weed can become cronic. Not to be confused with hydro.
Hydro weed is comonly confused with cronic cause it is generally better than the regular home/backyard grow. And is yummy sticky stuff. BUT NOT CRONIC. Weed should never be called cronic till it is busted up and rolled into a joint or packed into a bong with a liberal helping of cocanie added.
" I got this bomb ass weed yo."
" Nice! I got some white, lets roll that shit cronic niggah! "
by Heywood Jahblowme January 12, 2008
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