When the girl u like says she would date u but doesn’t like like u and than says she likes another boy
(It’s national give a boy a scrunchi day)I’m going to give it to that guy.
(Feels bad man)
by Your baby daddy 69420 November 11, 2019
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"Oh, I feel bad" is a phrase used by people that don't really feel bad, they're just trying to make you think that they are nice and actually feel something for someone else. It's typically used in a very condescending manner as if to say "that poor creature is so pathetic".
Nancy: Hey Julie, who is this tard sending me a facebook friend request.
Julie: I don't know....oh wait....I think he's the slow kid that use to run around collecting the basketballs in High School. He just sent me a message saying he misses seeing me everyday.
Nancy: Didn't you graduate from High School 20 years ago?

Julie: Yes, creepy....Oh, I feel bad....
Nancy: yeah, right...sure you do Julie.
by Nanski May 25, 2011
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It feels so bad but so good at the same time. He hurts me but that’s my honeyyyyy 🍯
by Sierralolol November 03, 2018
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Something you say to someone when you don't really feel bad for them.
Kenneth "I forget my assignment at home."
Dlapa " That sucks I feel so bad for you."
by lebron apples February 28, 2019
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This Phrase is most heard in Star Wars and the characters that Most said it is Han Solo.For example when in episode 6 Han Solo and his friends got captured by the Ewoks Han Solo said I have a bad feeling about this.
by Blue Boss July 22, 2018
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