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For a man, the act of pleasuring yourself in a motion that looks as if you were throwing bread crumbs on the ground for geese to eat
Mike: Hey, what is Mikko up to?

Chod: Oh, he's just in his room feeding the geese.


Dave: What do you wanna do after this?

Tucker: I'm probably just gonna head back to my place and feed the geese
by Barry Skanesworth May 16, 2006
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An excuse for jackin' the beanstalk (see wank) when ones back is turned towards another person.
Jake: Kevin, what are you doing by the computer? What's your arm moving like that for?

Kevin: Oh... um... uhh... I'm just feeding the geese.

Jake: I didn't know geese eat that.
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
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When you stoke your shaft sentually or another words jacking off or beating your dick rubbing your penis tell it go boom
I accidentally walked in on my son and he was feeding the geese
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by Jwrizzle mynizzle June 05, 2018
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