7 definitions by IssaSack

When you say some savage shit to someone.
Man you is too federal for that shit 😂
by IssaSack September 1, 2019
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When you stating facts or some real shit 🤪
“Girl that nigga ain’t shit
Period sis❗️“
by IssaSack March 14, 2020
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Some Of Y'all Females Be Cooking Me With Y'all Stiff Weaves
by IssaSack March 23, 2017
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“Pop my woo hah in the sky cause nobody here to judge my life” - Ari Lennox
by IssaSack March 28, 2022
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When you agree with what the other person say or when they are stating some true shit.
“Girl you don’t need his sorry ass

Dat wah friend Dat Wah
by IssaSack March 14, 2020
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Girl did you just see that?”
“And I oop”
I peep that girl
by IssaSack March 14, 2020
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When y’all both single but y’all know what y’all got going on & yall just waiting for the right moment to be together
“Do y’all go together?”
No that’s just my lil yea
by IssaSack October 4, 2020
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