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Short term for, Perfect.
Widely used by individuals when placed in an exciting situation or event that takes place causing them to feel joy.
Tony: lets play hide and seek
Alan: ok
Reggie: not it!
Alan: not it!
Tony: not it!
Anthony: gay.
Tony: k well hide..

15 seconds later Anthony passes by tony in the dark because hes hiding so good but missed him..

Tony: FECT!!

Another example:
Reggie: gay i dont have money to play laser tag.
Tony: i got chuu;
Reggie: FECT!!

by thatoneguywiththehair January 23, 2009
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'The fects' circa 1960's 70's Manchester child school playground speak: is an imaginary condition that the smelly or deprived kids at school had or carried, and if you were friendly with said kids were at risk of being socially outcast and becoming a sufferer, carrier or monger of the same 'FECTS' (EFFECTS)
''Don't play with him cos he's got the 'fects', his ma sews his underpants into his trousers!''
by Gadjit December 28, 2018
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Guy: ‘I wanna meet the fect girl.’
Becky: ‘I’m fect.’
by C3poo June 02, 2018
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