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Adj/Noun: Feckle- When someone has a blemish, mole or freckle on their penis.
Oh, hey look at that John has a feckle!
by Mattoxic April 09, 2009
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Feckle is the flakes of anal crustation that occur from lack of propper wiping. If you do not wipe thuroughly after dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool, you are sure to have large amounts of feckle (a.k.a. - butt cheese) forming around your anus.
The other day I took a McShit in the woods and did not wipe. When I had gotten home the leftover poop had crusted over and began to flake off creating these delicate little feck flakes.
by Eternal Wizard of the KKK March 29, 2005
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Alternative to festy. Usually used by primary school kids, seems to have originated in Australia.
Eeeew! Your locker is feckle!
by Rarg December 26, 2004
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