Fawzy means successful. This could refer to being completely content with ones place in life and thus successful in finding your path or worldly success such as in careers, relationships, faith etc.

Such people are invariably very loving as there is no bitterness and envy in them. Their approach to life is not to drag themselves and other people down, but to lift them to greater heights.

They are loved and cherished forever.
"Fawzy is such a calming influence on me.. "
"Not to mention a great inspiration"
"Yeah, some people get real jealous of his success, but I love how humble and supportive he is despite his achievements"

"Dont you wish you could be like fawzy?"

"Not all people can be like fawzy"
by Don'tKillTheMessenger November 08, 2018
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Name means winner in Arabic, he's ghetto but boujee at the same time. One of the realest niggas you'll ever meet, never turns his back on any g, always keepin it 100 no matter what.
Fake nigga: Yo I hate Fawzi

Real nigga: Nah bruh, u just hatin on em cuz he the realest in the game
by ThaHustla April 03, 2020
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A very handsome young man with a befitting figure.

He is very attractive and down to earth, he might just take your breath away.
He's very independent and lovable.
Whoever he loves, he loves with his whole heart and soul.

You'd pray to have a Fawzi whenever you see him with his loved ones because he definitely treats them with great affection.
You don't wanna get into a fight with him because He's gonna beat you hands down!

He is very secretive and tells his motives to nobody.
If he ever falls in love with you, hold him tight because you'll never find one like him.
He is a very shy and at the sane time a good communicator.

Never break Fawzi's heart because he isn't a heart breaker
And never betray him coz if you do, he might forgive you but will never forget.
He's quite hot tempered but gentle.

Never pray to lose him coz no one will ever be able to replace him.

Do not mess with him!!
I love you so much Fawzi!!

You'd always pray to have a Fawzi in your life
by Annnoonnnyyymmmoouuuss February 07, 2020
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He is a the realist nigga ever
He get all bitches

Will take your girl in 2.5 seconds
George: You know FAwzi
Isaiah: Yea, that nigga took my main and side chicken
George: Majust, I wish I was him
by Gigglelee March 13, 2017
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The best CS Professor in UMD. He will inseminate your brain with his vast programming wisdom. By taking Fawzi, your IQ will immediately rise to Rick & Morty level and you will be able to look down on all the peasants who have Golub, Teli, and Nelson.
Fawzi Student: Just came out of lecture
Peasant: Please share your knowledge with me, I know nothing
Fawzi Student: Shut up, oaf.
by Yeehaw123 December 07, 2018
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A devilishly handsome young lad who besides his white complexion, is tall and as i have mentioned... very handsome.

It is difficult not to notice a Fawzi because he captures the attention of a whole crowd. As he did the first time I laid eyes on him.
Girl: What is everyone staring at? I cant see!
Boy: Look right over there... It's Fawzi
Girl: ...Wow
by vnat123 December 17, 2010
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a Fawzi is a kid who wears formal clothes to school and parades around in them making 'artsy' films about his 16 year old conception of love. he is highly stylized and thinks cool is the reservoir dogs. his name means winner in arabic.
what are you a fawzi
by metalass December 14, 2010
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