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1. A name you call someone who is acting in a manner resembling a Teletubby.

2. A Teletubby tamer or caretaker.

3. A type of native dance involving awkward motioning and rapid drum beat.

4. A name you call someone who is dancing awkwardly, typically flailing his or her arms around.
The Teli just whipped all the Telitubby until they went inside the cage.

That crazy Teli is dancing by himself with his arms in the air.
by The Teletubby Tamer December 10, 2010
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sending two texts in a row without a reply inbetween.
Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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Means pure beauty

Slight attitude but overall sweet

Some people see them as ugly
But they have alot of people attracted to them from both genders

Overall very smart people
That girl/boy is a Telis
by Urban definer September 10, 2019
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Teli, the name that stems from the greek philosophers name Aristotle. Due to obscurity of this name it is usually reserved for naming members the LGBTQ+ community.
I'm going with Teli to the gay rights march this weekend!
by suspendernoob June 04, 2019
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