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Yo! Fawad with me to stain some yutes!
by TdotSlang March 07, 2018
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One who keeps his love to himself yet loves enormously. Doesn't speak unless spoken to. People love Fawad and he is very laid back. He is the most attractive guy at school.
I wish I were a Fawad. He doesn't have to try to be cool at all!
by Mango Lassi July 05, 2011
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The coolest guy you will ever know. Fawad can cheer anyone up with his excellent sense of humor. Just with one small conversation he is able to find out what kind of humor you like. Fawad is also the most friendliest and kind guy you'll ever meet. He treats you like you would want to be treated. He always has great advice, which is why he is always happy, because he has absolutely no problems in his life! He always keeps a good attitude no matter what happens, except if you hit him. If you happen to hit him, he will crush every bone in your body with his extreme strength and super ripped muscles, unless if it was an accident. He is very forgiving.
by Vitamin_you_cant_C_me June 24, 2019
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