wallahi means i swear to allah, which is used by muslims, but has become famous in t-dot (origin in t-dot is silverthorn collegiate) because samoli's say it in almost every sentence.
wallahi i didnt take your hat.
wallahi who do u think u are?
wallahi stop saying wallahi
say wallah
wallahi ballahi dallahi
by t-dot boi October 30, 2004
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wallahi means i swear to god in arabic used by muslims although somalians use it in evrey sentence!
chill wallahi

wallahi i dare u to touch me
fatah is handicap wallahi
by fatah kulmiye July 21, 2010
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Wallahi means I swear to god/swear to god in the Egyptian Arabic dialect and in the Somalian language.
Lah wallahi, wallahi ladrabak be el gasmah
by KusUmukk September 24, 2020
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on god but in arabic
"wallahi she took my money"
by alide January 24, 2022
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Wallahi isn’t a slang! It’s god in islam. It’s also swearing in the name of god
Muhammed: wallahi I prayed already
Maryam: alright
by ssally666 May 30, 2021
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Wallahi is a somali version of saying «i swear to god» (Wallah) it’s a short version of «Wallahi billahi tallahi» Which has become more popular than the arabic way (Wallah) And is a common used Toronto slang.
Mom: Abdullah Did you pray duhur?

Abdullah: yea mom
Mom: say wallahi!

Abdullah: yeah wallahi I did
Mom: say wallahi billahi tallahi

Abdullah: wallahi billahi tallahi, I prayed duhur.
by Dictionary for you 10001 March 7, 2020
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