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Philipp is the one you will be happy with. When you met somebody with this name you should keep them in your life! Maybe as a friend or as a boyfriend that's not important because you will love him when he's your best friend or your boyfriend. He is atlethic and very handsome. He is that type of boy who will be there for you all your lifetime. Be happy with him and be careful that you Don't loose such a good person.
He is perfect in the way he smiles at you, he take care about you and how he fits in your life! So for some of you he is the definition of perfect. Being defined like this will make all the Philipps out there Happy.
by soulmate163 October 04, 2015
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the most amazing guy of all time. always has a girl there that will love him forever and ever stephanie a.. sings all the time. loves to have fun. has major anger issues, but he can work through the anger.
Philipp F. he is everything that is listed in this definition and more.
by Stephanie081491 April 02, 2008
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