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An Indie rock band from Alberta Canada, their music mixes synthesizer and rock to create unique sounds and thoughts. Their music is very moody and unique.

It was formed in 2000 by two brothers Steve and Tim Batke, however, their debut album was released in 2005. The current members are Steve, Tim, and Rob Batke, Scott Gallant, and Paul Arnush. Probably their most famous song is titled M4 Pt II, as it was the end credits song at the end of the hugely popular Mass Effect.
Guy 1: What is that band you are listening to on your laptop?
Guy 2: I heard them on the end of Mass Effect, and I fell in love with them.
Guy 1: What is the band name?
Guy 2: Faunts
by StoneofTuna October 06, 2010
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The art of biting the insides of your cheeks so as to prevent movement and then smiling to create an alternate smiley face suitable for any occasion, be it a funeral, a childs 4th birthday or even a meeting where a child is about to find out theyre adopted.
"Check that guy out"
"That guy there!"
"Wow! that is one incredible faunt."
by FauntMasterFlex February 03, 2010
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A fun aunt, just like funcle.

Also see fauntie for a more personalized touch.
Kid's mom: I am dropping the kids off at my sister's later. They love her, she is such a faunt!
by nilssonkatta January 29, 2019
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a combination of "frightening" and "gaunt."
"when you want to see her run,
she's got style, she's got faunt;
she's a baby.."
by muskrat February 01, 2005
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