Mask-wearing, frequent hand washing, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings of people in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 among the populace. Named after Infectious Disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Expecting me to wear a mask, wash my hands and socially distancing takes away my freedom. It’s the downright tyranny of Faucism!
by Semolina Pilchard October 30, 2020
"Science" by decree in service of a favored political narrative. Relies heavily on modelling and cherry picking data to support the predetermined conclusion, while using institutions of power to suppress and censor actual scientific inquiry and debate. Basically Lysenkoism.
Faucism is an impediment to scientific progress.
by Sum-Yung-Gai June 22, 2022
The belief that government should take unilateral control over the lives of an entire nation under the guise of an unending national emergency. Often, faucist look towards a figurehead who has no personal accountability and cannot be disposed from their office. The figurehead does not dictate policy and only repeats talking points, but is used as a shield from all criticism. Scholars believe faucism is more akin to a religion than a political movement (ie, belief in an infallible force, the gospel of the figurehead must be spread, holding contradictory beliefs without evidence).
Are you listening to the news conference today?

Nah, it's just full of Faucism.
by GnomeTHG April 29, 2021
A system where non elected bureaucrats heavily influence the government and control the population under the guise of a national emergency. Faucism relies on panic, so usually these bureaucrats will try to panic the population so they can control more.

The term was coined by Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who declared that "Florida chooses freedom over Faucism". The term itself is named after Dr. Anthony Fauci, one such bureaucrat.
COVID was waning in June of 2021, so the bureaucratic CDC and their faucism came up with the delta variant and now everyone is panicking once more.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx July 30, 2021
Faucism (noun)
pronounced: fow chee izm

The simultaneous belief in two opposing medical doctrines (much like 'doublethink' see George Orwell 1984) and the promotion of the one which is most politically expedient and profitable to the establishment.
Used in a sentence: 1st person: Did you hear Anderson Cooper going off on how dangerous the 'delta variant is'?

2nd person: I saw that, that is some serious Faucism right there...
by Hatrick Penry July 5, 2021
A type of government which commands absolute loyalty towards unelected bureaucrats, who control the lives of their citizens through various mandates infringing upon their personal liberties. Faucism is based on the premise that a society's well-being can only be guaranteed by eternal lockdowns and mask mandates. In a Faucist political structure, public health officials are like semi-gods with a huge personality cult. Critics of these officials are usually canceled or written off as crazy conspiracy theorists.
-- Desantis, the brave governor of Florida, refused to implement lockdowns and bow down to Faucism.

-- Despite the many lockdowns, Covid surges continue to occur. Faucism has failed to deliver the desired results.

-- Many people from all around the world believe that Faucism is the biggest threat to humanity in the years to come.
by NoMoreMasks December 24, 2021