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The greatest navy seal war hero to ever live. Fought in Nam, where he accomplished the nickname of Solid Gear Desantis. Killed 15,000 Vietnamese, without feeling any remorse. Basically, he's the baddest motherfucker to ever live. Also fought in Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he was forced to retire, due to completely breaking someones neck 360 degrees.
Dude, Desantis would have so fucked that motherfuck up.
by osuadam November 19, 2006
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Usually a Canadian man who loves hockey. Tends to fail with technology. He apparantly invents alot of stuff that other people "steal" and now they are famous. Wears hats backwards and rolls up the sleeves on a button down shirt. Instead of saying fire he always says fyre, such as Mozilla FyreFox, fyrewire, and fyreworks. He yells "boomski" after accomplishing something. Also calls other people "skip" or "skippy".
Desantis "FYRE DAT PUCK!"


Desantis : "Good job skip!"
Girl : "But Im a girl!"
Desantis : "Skippett?
by DarkRevelations August 23, 2011
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