4 definitions by UberMan5000

An adjective describing someone or something who is in possession of some form of power.
by UberMan5000 March 26, 2004
A person who has ruined religion by using it for his own personal gain and to make him seem like (s)he's better than non-religious people.
Mr. Ferguson from South Park. His famous song, "Merry Fucking Christmas" is very zealous.
by UberMan5000 October 18, 2004
A mythical figure (primarily associated with Greek mythology) who is supposedly the human manifestation of time. Considered to be the spouse of Mother Nature, Father Time is often depicted as a very old bearded man in a white robe. Today, he is the spokesperson for 2000 Flushes
"Every New Year's Eve, Father Time and the New Year's Baby have a televised wrestling match. The winner gets a free diva."
by UberMan5000 March 26, 2004