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Somone who lives their life according to fate, accepting the outcomes as the only possible course of events, and does not think about what MAY have been IF something else happened.

Opposite: un-fater
it is easier to exemplify un-fater:

person 1: "If I bought that lottery ticket I would have been able to go on a huge overseas holiday"
person 2(fater): "You are SUCH an un-fater"
by David Bellingham June 11, 2008
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Fater - pronounced FATE-ER, someone who hates fat people, makes fun of fat people, and is generally displeased with the overweight community.
Girl 1: "Did you see that beached whale walking down the street? I mean, she could really stand to lose more than a few..."

Girl 2: "You're such a fater!"
by Hogwash January 20, 2006
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A self-professed Fan of a sports team who seems to actually Hate that same team. Fan + Hater = FATER. This person is most likely employing a defense mechanism against the sting of defeat by being so down on everything the team does. The largest collection of Faters can be found on message boards devoted to their favorite team. After big wins, Faters cite overwhelming evidence that it was pure luck. After tough losses, Faters crucify the players and coaches. Invariably, Faters hate the team's star player the most.
Fan: Hey man, big win for the team last night!
Fater: Yeah, they got lucky.

Fan: We won by 30 points.
Fater: Yeah but it should have been 40. "Star player" is awful and he shoots too much.
Fan: He shot 60% and scored 35 points.
Fater: Yeah, but did you see how long his shorts were though? We are never going to win a championship with shorts like that. We probably won't win another game all year.
by dawgfan91 December 13, 2010
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