The coolest saiyan woman who ever existed
Fasha died with the rest of Bardock's crew... -_-
by Fasha September 09, 2003
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From Austin Powers in GoldMember, Goldmember referes to Austin's father as Fasha, or Fa Zha
Im Gonna Kill Yo' Fasha
by Kunal Pahwa June 03, 2005
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Fasho, Fosho, for sure, yes, yee, and of course
A: Did u go down to the convert last night?

B: Fasha breh. it was hella dope
by Nmark & Jwale September 06, 2010
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Sheridan: did you see that boy today?!?
Kaylakati: Fasha. He be fly.
by Kaylakati June 16, 2008
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The best freakin dad alive! Pretty cool lets his child hangout with friends just maybe not all friends becuase theyre guys and he thinks all guys are out to do the same things and it leads to the impression that he doesnt trust his child but anyways, THE BEST FREAKIN MAN ALIVE DUUDE!
morgan: duude your fasha going to let you get cyber schooled your so lucky!
emily: yah i know, be jealous hoe!
by annynomouss August 15, 2008
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