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To perform a 'Courtesy' for royalty but at the same time release some natural gas!
After collecting her OBE from the Queen, Jane stated to Nicki; "As I accepted my award from Her Royal Highness the Queen , I think I let a "Fartsy" go!
by Stickwood1 April 23, 2010
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those girls who take 1000 "deep" photos of themselves (that are all on facebook, listen to Iron & Wine and wear clothes from Urban Outfitters.
they consider themselves "artsy" when in fact using a film camera you bought at urban outfitters does NOT make you artsy nor even an artist.
they will know nothing about art, yet consider their photos of themselves looking sad a piece of art.
you will find them in their natural habitat of cities such as Brooklyn and San Francisco.
"omg have you seen lila's new profile picture! its so pretty and artsy!"
"um, its a picture of her looking down next to a tree with a fish eye lens... thats not artsy, its fartsy."
by amaezing November 09, 2011
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Fartsy is when you almost shit yourselves of a fart but just wants to see if you sharted.
Why am i so fartsy all the time??
by PinkMelody November 02, 2016
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