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Pronunciation- fhair-tay, fair-tay

1. A fancy way of saying Fart

2. a flatus expelled through the anus.

3. an irritating or foolish person.

4. Slang. pretense, lies, exaggeration, or nonsense.

5. Slang. something inferior or worthless.

6. Slang. a selfish, mean, or otherwise contemptible person.

7. Slang. narcotic drugs, esp. heroin or marijuana.

8. Slang. possessions, equipment, mementos, etc.; stuff.

–verb (used without object)

— to simply " Farte' " on some one or something.


Will Long 2009
Noun example- " I need to "Farte " Really badly! "

Verb Example- " When he walks out of his house Farte' on him and take his Wallet. "

Adj. Example- " Your face looks like one smelly Farte'. "

Slang example 1- " Dad is being such a Farte' because he wont let me go to the mall. "

Slang Example 2- " Those silly kids are acting like a big Farte'. "

"Farte', Farte"
by Will Long 09 June 02, 2009
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