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This is the name for a group of friends who take great pride in their ability to fart. Each member has their own specific talents with farting, and their names display these great talents.

Farts All Day - Ability to fart over 25 times a day
Fart Nasty - Ability to have incredibly digusting farts that are able to clear a room.
Sik Farts - Ability to enhance the smell of his farts through his own personal sickness.
Riggz Farts - Ability to light up a Newport cigarette with a fart.
Farter The Kid - Ability to Fart and rap simultaneously.
The Fart Boys are in the building. Man it smells. Man it stinks. Whats up?
by Fart Boys December 10, 2009
Happy St. Patties Day!
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