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This phrase defines a flatulence that is of maximum horrid stench. A "Fart Nasty" fart can easily clear a room and make others gag in pure disgust. "Fart Nasty" is also one of the founding members of the "Fart Boys," who received the name from his constant revolting stench that emits when he passes gas.
(Loud Fart) "Oh man I can't breathe that Fart is Fart Nasty!!'
by Fart Boys December 10, 2009
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This is a phrase that is labeled upon a person that farts numerous times a day, seven days a week. It does not matter whether the farts have a distinct odor or not, just the sound of constant farts throughout the day is neccessary. "Farts All Day" is also one of the founding members of the "Fart Boys."
Man, thats got to be like the 25th time you farted today, your Farts All Day!!
by Fart Boys December 10, 2009
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Proud member of the Fart Boys who is able to light up a newport cigarette with his own farts. He is also able to pick up any girl at a bar with the powerful stench of his farts. He is also considered to a Farting DILF.
Yo Riggz Farts light me up a Newp! (Loud Fart)...Thanks DILF!
by Fart Boys January 14, 2010
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This is the name for a group of friends who take great pride in their ability to fart. Each member has their own specific talents with farting, and their names display these great talents.

Farts All Day - Ability to fart over 25 times a day
Fart Nasty - Ability to have incredibly digusting farts that are able to clear a room.
Sik Farts - Ability to enhance the smell of his farts through his own personal sickness.
Riggz Farts - Ability to light up a Newport cigarette with a fart.
Farter The Kid - Ability to Fart and rap simultaneously.
The Fart Boys are in the building. Man it smells. Man it stinks. Whats up?
by Fart Boys December 10, 2009
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"Farter The Kid" is the name of an individual who is a proud member of the "Fart Boys." Farter The Kid prides himself upon his ability to fart not only numerous times a day, but also the horrid stench that emits when he rips. He does not only rip farts, as he also rips rap beats. As he writes numerous hip-hop tracks about his life, and of course, farting.
"Farter the Kid" thats my mothaf***ing title, my Dad farts too, hes my mothaf***ing idol.
by Fart Boys December 11, 2009
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