When a large amount of semen has been dumped in your wifes arsehole while you are at work, you return home to find that she has farted it out on to your carpet
Richard: Hey honey whats this sticky mark on the carpet
Wife: oh thats just the local black mans cum, their was some much dumped up my ass that I had been farting out cum all afternoon
Richard: you never let me do you up the ass Kelly!
by Awfulman July 15, 2022
A Fart that you unleash that gives you such excruciating pain, this is the only phrase for your terrbile pain.
Matt on the phone - hold on...... OH MA GAWD i'm farting out hand grenades.
by Terrance Clark November 23, 2005
I need your fart, award a prize before you go..
- by darling i call you tomorrow
- get the fart out of here my love
- farttttttttt!
- hmmm cheese burger?
by Osuruk July 5, 2009
When a girl is so bangin that you would do anything to fuck her.
Dude she is so hot I would so suck a fart out of her ass like a bong hit
by Havocmaker95 October 11, 2017