Someone who is so pretentious they enjoy the smell of their own farts.
People from San Francisco is made up of Fart Sniffers
by Denverkid November 29, 2009
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A person(s) who purchase a 90k campervan, RV or caravan and sit inside all day and all night inhaling each other’s farts. They do not mingle or crack a smile at other campers because they’re too intoxicated by their own farts
Look at those snobby grey nomads, probably sitting in their camper being a bunch of fart sniffers
by Lazarath October 10, 2022
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A person who's so damn lazy and slothful that he's developed chronic constipation. As a result the highlight of his day is enjoying the copious amount of farts he produces as a consequence!
Good Lord! Ever since that Fart Sniffer's been out of work, he just sits there in front of his computer letting one rip after another! Frankly I'm afraid to enter the room without a GAS MASK!
by pumpnose July 12, 2011
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One who sniffs farts. A person that snorts up the anal fumes of another. Not to be confused with a fart lighter.
1) Dude, you are a fart sniffer, man.

2) She said she was a fart sniffer so I obliged her, but I pushed too hard and made her eat corn. Bummer....
by Ezeerider September 27, 2004
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This word is used to define the person who hangs around the bathroom for no particular reason other than to (presumably) sniff farts. Their true motives are unknown so one can only assume they enjoy the aroma of a hand-crafted fart.
What's up with Judy? She's always hanging out in the bathroom, the freaky fart-sniffer.
by Eric July 11, 2004
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One who loves the smell of his or her own farts. See "self-love" or "self-promotion". Perhaps the ickiest type is promotion of self via projected selflessness.
Fart sniffer - Did you see Raakhee's Facebook post about how she gives all her three-year-old's birthday and Christmas gifts away? She might as well have said, "Let's talk about how amazing I am." Ugh, what a fart-sniffer.
by Beanie2000 December 23, 2016
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a person who is always looking to sniff a fart.
What are you sniffing at, are you a fart sniffer?
by squirtmouth May 22, 2015
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