(pronounced fah-ss) adv.
1. A Trinbagonian word to describe one's nosiness or ability to pry into the affairs of others.
2. Describing one who is overly inquisitive.
3. Part of the term "Farse and out-a-place"
Why yuh so farse! Mind yuh business nah boy.
by Jenn Lee May 2, 2010
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A word used to describe something no other word can describe. When someone is acting in a very difficult/unnecessary way or out of the ordinary to cause some kind of problem or atmosphere. 'Farseness' can typically be something which someone is doing that causes a difficulty for the majority or extra-ordinary behaviour to try to be annoying
Why are you kicking the ball away for? We are trying to play football, you're farse man.

Dan is farse, he won't take me to Maccies even though he wants to go and we are going the same way.
by M-Papito April 7, 2015
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when someone is so ugly there face is a mix between a face and an arse
often so ugly the person should be kept inside a dark room at all times as they are breaching human rights by showing thier farse to innocent by-standers
Tom: wow look how ugly she is, who'd get with her
Josh: no-one, she should be locked away with that farse
Tom: you're right, i feel physicallly ill
by joshinho April 8, 2010
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A farse is a fake fart /false.
"yo dude cool armpit fart "

"nah bruh it's a farse"
by Lovely definitions July 16, 2019
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Farting into another butt.

Fart-ass = farse
by Noadster February 10, 2016
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as it looks - fuckin arse

usualy to define something bad
that curry is farse

chris timberlake you are farse at call of duty!!!
by stephen t December 29, 2007
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