A person Who is tricked into drinking piss when there drunk
man: here drink this vodka

Farrar: (drinks piss) why was that warm?

Man: haha ur a farrar
by A-D-F April 26, 2010
A female who is or related to a drug dealer. She are loaded with money and has numerous baby daddys.
That Farrar gets around.
by lahhbrawn January 5, 2010
When doing something extremely stupid while performing a sexual act, usually while trying to make masturbation more pleasurable or adventurous.
Mike: Man I thought it would really feel awesome if I heated my fake vagina in the microwave. But when I stuck my dick in the fake pussy it was like sticking my dick in molten lava. The plastic CyberSkin actually stuck to my dick. It looked like a red birch tree with all the skin falling off.

Colby: Wow that was really dumb I would have stuck my finger in first. You really pulled a dirty farrar.
by lickalotofpuss69 March 24, 2011
Brady Farrar is a male dancer who was on the eighth season of dance moms. He was Abby's favourite despite winning once out of his five solos. The fans also like him because they created a hashtag about him.
Person 1: Have you heard of Brady Farrar
Person 2: Yeah but Pressley Hosbach is better
by Can Kendall have a solo July 18, 2020
Dumbest cunt on GTA, thinks his a hard cunt irl, thinks he got cash but in reality hes sitting there scratching his mutt
Brock Farrar is just the gayest most sweatiest noob you’ll ever meet! Trust me you don’t want to be a Brock Farrar
by Ski Mask v2 December 7, 2018
A trent farrar, is usually a guy, who gets any girl he want. but he just likes the thrill of the chase, and when he catches the girl he lets her go. Most trent farrars are players, and seem nice at the heart to girls, but don't fall for his evil lies. trent is a slang term for homosexual. Trent farrars are usually gay,(homosexual) and have strong feelings towards guys. most trents are usually tall, and big, except when it comes to the pelvis area, and are known to be small in size down there.
girl: hi trent farrar, want to dance
trent: nah im a horrible dancer
guy: hey trent farrar want to dance
trent: yeah sure
by rubi is the best May 29, 2011
Once a roommate that stole the hearts of everyone living with him. Now resides with his new girl and crushed the hearts of all the people that formally roomed with him at the 159.
That Brandon farrar is a heart break thob.
by Jfux January 9, 2018