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A town in England that is one hour away from London.
Used in Starcraft: Brood War as a password to enter a room in a Terran Scenario.
"I am going to Farnham today, because it is a town, and not a stupid definition like what that other fucktard Devon said it was."
by ChaosChronicle August 16, 2006
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To be a farnham, is essentially to be the worst at everything. You fail to achieve on every field of play.
Boy, Aaron is quite the farnham. We need to whoop his ass.
by Deaner August 23, 2004
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This basically means that you have absolutely no life besides video games and being fat (primarily becase you do not exercise at all and you're diet includes tequitos). This also means that you are a total and complete to about 99% of every human being you meet. You use terms such as, cockbag, douchebag, asshat, cockwhore, dickbag and whorebag. If anyone likes something that you do, such as a television show or a band and they tell one other person about it then they have completely ruined that show or band.
Damn, Roger is being such a farnham right now. He's just so fat!
by godofallandmore November 11, 2006
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