When you whip your mans dick out from his boxer hole
Babe I want my dick sucked I’m about to pull the Johnny
by Yougotrekt May 31, 2018
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A boy that is abused and starved by his delusional father. was beaten after he was caught eating sugar.
Father: Johnny Johnny!
Johnny: Yes Papa?
Father: Eating Sugar?
by goofy_goober_v1 September 17, 2018
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Johnny Johnny originated as a children’s YouTube video which showed a kid attempting to eat sugar. The kid is spotted by his father and is asked whether he is eating sugar. Johnny says no and the occursncd is turned into a catchy nursery rhyme. This weird video eventually began to be seen by an un-intended audience (teenagers instead of toddlers). It is now an oddly funny meme that everyone is upsessed with.
Johnny Johnny

Yes papa
Eating sugar?
No papa
Telling lies?
No papa
Open your mouth
Ha ha ha
by Narwhals4trump September 5, 2018
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Most Seductive person then anyone. If yoy stare in his eyes for few seconds. Your eyes will melt due to his ultimate beauty.
Johnny is 24/7 enjoying his best life and no issues in life that comes by
by TopSuperior21 February 19, 2021
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A Hot or stolen vehicle that has no legal paper work but you still drive it around.
My mans has a $500 Johnny for sale!
by REDDMADNESS September 2, 2021
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Johnny is the most tender and kindhearted guy you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. He is loyal, sweet, compassionate and super fun! He sticks by those he loves through thick and thin. if you have a Johnny in your life, hold onto him.

Johnny wants to make others feel better and never wants to see his loves ones upset. no one could be deserving of his friendship, but they have it because he loves unconditionally.
person: man that kid Johnny is great!
Bush: yeah, that's my bestie :)
by HUNGY BOI'S FRIEND BUSH September 1, 2020
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