a person who does well with the baby girls by planting the seeds at the appropriate time, letting the crops grow until they are ripe for the picking, the reaps the bounty or booty in this case, just to wait till next year seedlings need planted for a new crop of baby girls to be seeded, ripe for the picking, and harvested once again, cycle repeats
Jim is quite the Farmer, a baby girl came in the club, he dissed her after she smarted off, he said your loss. Next time when her and her friends came in he bought them shots and ended up back at their house for a night of sweet loving. Some say the greatest Farmer of all time
by Jeff Dailey July 18, 2008
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When a county has many farmers living in it, it is said to be very farmerous.
Central London is not a very farmerous county.
by An Angry Banker June 15, 2014
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A hard working individual whom may be male or female. Provides food for everyone. They work 24hours a day normally from a very young age. A dangerous and selfless occupation to which all should be thankful.
May be Male OR Female. I am a teenage female farmer.
by Farmgirl April 26, 2012
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An almost always respectable person, who grows the food that the general public so ungraciously eats. Don't take farmers for granted. Hell, love us. WE FEED YOU PEOPLE!

(Why I am on URBAN dictionary, I have no idea)
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The act of being a farmer. Not to be confused with farming which is what farmers do.
John: Hey Steve! Guess what I did this weekend.
Steve: What?
John: Farmering like a boss!
by grigs August 08, 2012
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A professional footballer who is:
(1) Rugged in appearance (usually bearded)
(2) Severely technically limited

(3) Defined by their hard work, bastardry and extreme nationalism which makes up for their lack of fitness or ability
(5) Likely to be toiling in the fields for a living when not playing football
Fucking hell I can’t believe England have just lost to Iceland, they’re just a bunch of farmers mate!
by UTGParker July 03, 2018
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Getting wasted watching Farmer Wants a Wife.

Effects of alcohol and drugs may be amplified by the excitement of watching Farmer Wants a Wife.
What the fuck happened on last weeks episode?
I was pretty much farmered after the first ad break.
by Natalie Gruzlewski January 31, 2011
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