A young Richard or Young Rich, is a Young Stunna. He stacks his bands quietly since he is richer in spirit. A man who says things without opening his mouth. A world class man worthy of being a member of the youngest riches. A true One of One
Nick: yo young Richard

Matt: what’s good rich?
by Youngg Richard April 1, 2018
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A term created by the CS:GO YouTube Franzj which Refers to any player that is lagging so bad that is is visible to everyone on in that game
Ay yo Young Rich do be out here lagging around
by Salad God December 25, 2020
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Dat young nigga who get money all day errday. Young rich nigga keep all his boys out da hole and out da pen. Young rich has never been caught lacking.
Look at that young rich nigga over there, that boy flyer than a airplane itself.
by Youngrich November 17, 2020
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Amir Tyson

Lavish go getting rich playboy always on the go.
Damn that nigga Amir Tyson literally bought all the bottles at the bar what a legendary young rich nigga
by Lift and flex January 17, 2022
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A Young Nigga that be getting money 24/7
A nigga that always ride for his Niggaz

A nigga that got love for errbody
Whoever makes money is a Rich Young Nigga, u should know that this attitude of mine is a whole lot bigger
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Young Rich Society is the name of a brand owned by CEO Karina Gonzalez and is one of the most stylish clothing brands if the world sense 2021.
“I just bought some clothes from the store Young Rich Society.
by La KaritAA June 20, 2022
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Young Rich Steppas formerly known as Young Gay Steppas is a group of Ethiopian Boys who are constantly advocating for gay rights and black rights. One of The Famous saying from the group is “I only suck black” by johnny g who goes by “trench” kid
A: Omg i just got gangbanged by a lot of boys
B: OH MY GOD, You are just like Young Rich Steppas!
by ketet August 20, 2021
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