Also known as the extreme left, ultra left or radical left. The Far Left most often includes anarchists and communists. The Far Left refers to the highest degree of leftism in politics, and seeks perfect or near perfect equality. Often anti-property, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-liberal, and anti-conservative.

The most radical Left-wing parties in multi-party parliaments are often Far Left to some degree. A big part of the Far Left is anti-parliamentaristic, though, and completely refuse to take part in parliamentary politics or even vote. This aspect of Far Leftism is especially prominent among anarchists, who prefer direct action and street-level militancy to boardroom politics.

Classic Punk, Hardcore Punk, Anarcho-Punk, Ska Punk, Folk Punk, Folk, Ska, Reggae, Rap, and Black Metal (known as Red and Black Metal in this case) are among the music genres most often including Far Left lyrical themes.
Those pesky Catalonian anarchists from way back in 1936 sure were Far Left, huh?

Democrats are not Far Left you idiot, they're hardly even Left-of-center.

Your mom is so Far Left that she rejects the bourgeoisie term of endearment "mother", comrade.
by kr0p0tkin February 07, 2013
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Right-Wing pro Corporation framing is often used to frame the only people fighting to actually help the People of the United States Progressive Democrats as radical . because to corporate democrats and republicans think it's radical to spend American Tax dollars actually on American people to improve their lives and not use it for tax cuts for the rich and corporations who fund their campaigns. follow the money google opensecrets
the far left is Radicals they think everyone should have free healthcare like the rest of the world so people won't go bankrupt for medical bills we have to stop them to protect our profits
by TimeLord75227 July 15, 2021
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