26 definitions by Me Roboto

Crawl back out when ready, this applies to a person who chooses to be offended all the time.
CBOWR if you're willing to act like an adult!
by Me Roboto April 2, 2022
I told the guy TINMP and he went away in a huff!
by Me Roboto December 16, 2022
Man: What is wrong with you today?
Woman: IDTYU that we're not friends and never will be!
by Me Roboto April 3, 2022
A species of hulking creatures that have a bulky body and a large back that is covered with a protective shell, huge arms with hands and feet with four long claws, a knobby head, unhinged jaws with sharp teeth, short tail, white eyes, a pig snout, and has a horrible guttural scream.
Villager: Beware of the balgoss!

Knight: What is a balgoss?

Villager: A mean and strong creature!
by Me Roboto September 24, 2021
When she was throwing dishes and breaking things I told her HYGACA!
by Me Roboto December 16, 2022
Too stupid to die, a character in a movie or television show that is not smart enough to live but not stupid enough to die.
This new character is TSTD in so many ways.
by Me Roboto April 2, 2022