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Nazi's by any other name is still Nazi's the Alt-right is all the All the racism people thought where fading away but it just went underground hidden they where just "going through the motions" with the Election of Donald Trump they tore of there mask to show there ugliness relaunching the Nazi Party under the new title the Alt-right
Alt-right is the Relaunch of the Nazi party but the press won't call them what they are Nazi's
by TimeLord75227 November 22, 2016
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Right-Wing pro Corporation framing is often used to frame the only people fighting to actually help the People of the United States Progressive Democrats as radical . because to corporate democrats and republicans think it's radical to spend American Tax dollars actually on American people to improve their lives and not use it for tax cuts for the rich and corporations who fund their campaigns. follow the money google opensecrets
the far left is Radicals they think everyone should have free healthcare like the rest of the world so people won't go bankrupt for medical bills we have to stop them to protect our profits
by TimeLord75227 July 15, 2021
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(Nico - meaning Nicotine) Head is someone who over smokes a pack or two of cigarettes a day and when they don't have money for it will go as far as borrowing money without asking and pawning things just so they and get there hit like a crack head. mood swings included
person one : Jays mother is a Nicohead she pawned the tv because he wouldn't give her any money for cigarettes because he had bills to pay and food to buy.

Person 2: She went that far for some cigarettes?

Person 1: yes
person 2: Damn that's crack head level

person 1: Yes a NicoHead for real
by TimeLord75227 August 24, 2018
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sugar coating term for corporate sellouts claim their aim for bipartisanship but really are just part of the corporation system of control to stop the party from raising taxes on the Rich and Corporations. their good on social and identity issues as a distraction while they protect the current system and make very little structural change to fix the real issues
Moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and Krystian Sinema block all of joe Bidens plans to improve American lives because it would make their rich donors actually pay their fair share of taxes. Manchin also, blocked the minimum wage increase to 15 dollars an hour because he owns a hotel and didn't want to pay his workers more but did suggest it go up 5 cents higher then the rate he pays workers at his hotel is'nt he merciful
by TimeLord75227 July 15, 2021
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