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1. Fanime is short for fan-made anime. It's made by hand, or mouse, by someone who isn't professional. They usually put together the art and copyrighted music into one fanime. The most popular fanime genre is magical girls.

2. An annual anime con that's going to have Reuben Langdon in it again. It is in San Jose, California.
1. This fanime is awesome in my eyes, great animation compared to the other fanimes, and great music, though it's copyrighted.

2. Eek! Reuben Langdon is going to be in Fanime Con! <3
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
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A fan-made animated show that either parallels the stroyline of a certain anime, occurs after the original story has ended, or exists in an alternate reality than that of the original anime. Sometimes OCs (original characters) may be present. Fanime may either be a serious work created by fandom, or be a parody meant to mock the original show.
Compare to fanfiction and doujinshi.
I just saw a fanime about the adventures of the next generation of Naruto!
by DimentionQueen April 10, 2007
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