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A common disorder affecting Jewish women ages 16-30, who keep kosher and enjoy israeli food on a regular basis. Signs and symptoms include excessive stomach bloating and discomfort, lingering taste of common middle eastern spices, chickpeas and tahini sauce, with some patients describing a taste of "israel". The disease is self ... Read Morelimitting and only known to be fatal in one case which was secondary to a rare case of fulminant septic falafelitis with a comorbid condition of Shawarma's syndrome, a common disorder that affects the same patient demographic. The Treatment is discontinuation of all falafel and falafel related products, falafel type snack food are to be avoided at all cost. The patient should be reassured that the symptoms should reside in a few days and that she might be an idiot for eating falafel in excess amounts.
19 year old girl eats to much falafel. Has severe stomach pains and bloating. Ends up in the hospital where she is diagnosed with falafelitis
by Andrew Stone March 18, 2009
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