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Fairfield College Preparatory School is an all boys prep school in fairfield Ct. It is a great school academically, with very good and competitive hockey, lax, golf, rugby, crew, tennis, and more. It has a strong curriculum and sends students of to top universities and colleges. It is trully a new england prep school on Fairfield Universities campus with use of its classes and facilties. Prep has a 200 acre campus and can match any of the boarding schools. They draw kids from old saybrook to manhattan and all ponits between east or west. It is a Jesuit school and is the only catholic prep school in Ct.
Fairfield Prep won the hockey chapionship.
by School Evaluator May 23, 2009
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An all boys Catholic High school. This is a great school and I suggest that all people attend this school if you live in Connecticut. It is far better than the other high schools.
I've attended this school for 4 years and it's the best experience you could ever have. Fairfield Prep is the choice for you.
by Conor000 August 30, 2008
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Fairfield Prep is a private highschool in CT. ITs all boys but thats ok. because if you have a life you'll see still see girls and stuff like that. Its a good school, and we have mixers and stuff so you can see girls there.
Timmy goes to Fairfield prep. since he has no life he never sees girls, except his mom.
Jimmy on the other hand has a life and sees girls on a daily basis unlike Michael, I mean Timmy.
by RoHooligan August 25, 2008
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Fairfield Prep is an all boys Jesuit school in the Connecticut suburbs of New York. After going there for 4 years, I can conclude that the school is only good for student athletes, particularly hockey, lacrosse, football, and basketball players. If you are an academic minded person who doesn't play sports, go to Regis or your local high school (as long as it doesn't suck). There are a lot of assholes and a growing number of losers. Don't confuse this school with an actual "Prep School". Despite the cost and the clothing, it is more like a public school; its nothing compared to a Philips Exeter or a Taft in academics and it has a public school feeling. Not that kids dont go to great schools, its just that the average kid is more of a slacker.
Example 1 goes to Fairfield Prep. With his 3.9 gpa and captainship of the hockey team, he got into Yale.

Example 2 goes to Fairfield Prep. Despite having a 4.0, he is a loser. He, like every fifth kid, goes to Boston College.

Example 3 is a loser. He has some shit g.p.a and probably couldn't run a mile. He got expelled or asked to leave for some bullshit reason. Prep is full of guys like him.

by theguyyouwisheyouwere May 28, 2009
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If you are thinking about going here, don't come.

It is also known as FP. It is an ok school, but there are no girls there. However, you can also fool around.

Detentions are called JUGs. Justice Under God = Jug

You have religion class. It sucks.

We have mass. It also sucks.

However, we have mixers. They can be fun until you go to 2 and then they get boring. And when a cop pulls you away from a girl as happened to a kid in my grade, it sucks.

So FP sucks.
by Jonathia February 13, 2008
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