Unmarried girl who is very pleasing to the eye. Nowadays mostly used in a humorous context.
Ay! Let's go bone some fair maidens!
by sirhCity February 17, 2015
A good loving woman. very hot, very loyal. looks out for you when you least expect it. see also unique, magical white girl.
Leroy thought he was in a hollywood movie when the fair maidens surrounded him.
by major_delmac April 20, 2005
This simply means a beautiful young single lady with a fair or light skin. But since now-a-days that seems to be a racist insinuation the meaning shifted to simply imply a lady with good characteristic and qualities.
Fair Maiden. From an old folk song.."...never fades the glory hark the fair maiden humming the story of love..."
by manongonyong April 12, 2015