“He’s such a failure
“Yeah just like Tamlin the tool
by GangsterFanGirl September 27, 2020
One who can never win; one who is in a constant state of fail. Also, Geneva.
Geneva is a perfect example of a failure, because she can never win at shit.
by Xaivair January 9, 2008
"Communism is the very definition of failure" - Liberty Prime - 2287
by a_nice_guy June 3, 2016
Useless, incompetent, not able to complete its task successfully.
by JBDMR August 16, 2019
When you try to do something cool but completely Fail on doing it or something else witch i am to lazy to describe
You were an adopted failure
by Totally not dumb September 4, 2017
A group of three or more teenagers.
The English teacher sighed heavily as the failure of teenagers entered her classroom, tardy and apathetic.
by Rule556 September 19, 2015