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Usually involves a group of people, when going to meet someone or at someones house for the purpose of doing something like going out to a party, movie.. etc. However, one of the people decides to watch a show, eat something, or just talk for 20 mins for no apparent reason, therefore wasting time when they could be doing something better.
Hey guys you ready to head out to the party?
yeah man but hold on i gotta watch sportcenter real quick
no fuckin way dude im not faggoting
by KB2006 November 03, 2006
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A method of decorating cloth by pulling out horizontal threads and tying the remaining vertical threads into hourglass-shaped bunches.
Me and my black mom were faggoting together last night.
by [14k]AD January 13, 2003
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The act of driving by a victim and simultaneously yelling "faggot". Victims being very elderly people and children make the act even funnier.

Side note: Pointing and looking the victim directly in the eyes increases the effectiveness of this act.
Victim: Just out for a nice stroll...

Fagotteer: F-F-F-F-FAGGOT!!

Victim: Blankly stares and perhaps cringes, unable to say anything of substance to their partner, after the faggoting
by Shoddy321 August 03, 2011
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To do something that's stupid or when something isn't working properly.
- "Eww look her away message says laxin."
"Laxin, more like faggoting"

- "My computer won't work, it just keeps faggoting."
by K-ris April 15, 2008
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The act of willingly kicking another's dropped possessions to increase your reputation as a faggot.
"Look, Jimmy just dropped his books"
"Imma do some faggoting" *kicks books down the hallway*
by iQuickscopedObushma March 10, 2015
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